5 Ways Pets Support Mental Health

Pets and Mental Health: Lowering Stress

Pet interaction eases stress: Dogs lower cortisol, increase oxytocin. Stroking pets reduces BP, calms hyperactivity. Animal-assisted therapy proven.

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Pets Protect Against Childhood Anxiety

Pet dogs reduce child anxiety: CDC study. 21% without dogs, 12% with dogs had anxiety. Pets improve childhood well-being.

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Our Pets Make Us Feel Needed

Caring for pets boosts mental health. Even minimal interaction helps. Research shows it reduces depression and loneliness


4. Pets Increase Our Sense of Self-Esteem and Well-Being

Studies confirm pet ownership benefits: improved well-being, self-esteem, fitness, less loneliness. Pets help combat rejection in teens.

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5. Cats and Dogs Are Great Examples of Being in the Moment

Pets foster mindfulness & playfulness in teens. They live in the present, offering a distraction from worries.

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