7 Fun and Creative DIY Pet Toys

Dog toy DIY no. 1: find the muffin game

Turn your dog's meal into treats! Pinch their daily food, hide it in a muffin tin with closed toilet rolls, and let them sniff out the delicious reward. A fun game for sensitive dogs.

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Dog toy DIY no. 2: a shoebox full of treats

Create a fun dog toy with a shoe box and toilet rolls. Fill the box with rolls, hide treats inside, and let your dog enjoy the challenge of finding them. Homemade entertainment!

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Dog toy DIY no. 3: the sock octopus

Turn unpaired socks into a cute homemade dog toy! Create a sock octopus using 6 socks – plait strips for arms, and your pup gets a playful companion. DIY fun!


Dog toy DIY no. 4: DIY agility tunnel

Create an agility tunnel for your dog using chairs and sheets. DIY fun for active pups! Build, run, and have a blast.

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Dog toy DIY no. 5: A fleece tug toy

Make a DIY tug toy for your energetic dog using fabric strips. Easy and fun for boisterous tugging games! Create and play together.

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Dog toy DIY no. 6: spin the bottle for dogs

Craft a brain-stimulating dog toy from a plastic bottle. Hang, fill with treats, and watch your dog spin for rewards!

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Dog toy DIY no. 7: the wooden fetching block

Create a unique wooden fetch toy for your dog using safe, smooth wood pieces. Sand, shape, and varnish for hours of fetching fun!

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