Five of the Astrological Signs with the Worst Tempers

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Aries can be quick to anger and may express their frustrations openly. However, their tempers are usually short-lived and they can also be quick to forgive and forget.

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When a Leo pride is wounded or they feel overlooked, they might react with intense emotions. Their temper is often tied to their sense of self-worth.

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Scorpios are often associated with intense emotions. When they do get angry, it can be very intense and enduring. They have a tendency to hold onto grudges.

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Sagittarians are known for their independent nature. They can become frustrated when they feel restricted or held back. Their fiery temper might flare up if they perceive limitations.

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Capricorns can also have a hidden temper that emerges when they feel overwhelmed. Their anger might be expressed through criticism or coldness.

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